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We step up analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction in the mobile phone. Literally.

  • 1 3-D

  • 2 Stress/Strain

  • 3 Impedances

A topic of long standing interest to both structural and geotechnical engineers is traditionally known as soil-structure interaction. For a long period of time this has involved linear elastic interaction between the pile/caisson/foundation and the underlying soil. The appropriate analysis for this case is well developed for both static and dynamic interaction in EasySSI.
EasySSI is the industry’s only provider of a multi-module – Three-dimensional analysis, Stress/Strain visualization, and calculating Impedance Functions – soil-structure interaction solution all in single mobile platform. We make it easy for soil-structure engineers to step-up analysis and improve the efficiency.

The verified-famous Cone Model is easily available.

Cone Model is a favourite framework used mostly by practitioners. Based on a set of 'strength-of-materials' idealisations for the geotechnical response in the analysis of foundation problems, the truncated cone model was developed by Meek in collaboration with Veletsos and Wolf. Later, Wolf (1994) extended the one-dimensional truncated cone model to a range of physical problems and different modes of dynamic excitation. Now, this model is available free in EasySSI for soil-structure interaction analyses.

cone model

An Elasto-Dynamic solver for Soil-Pile/Caisson Interaction systems

elastodynamic solution for soil-pile interaction analysis

Elasto-dynamic solutions are best suited to solve the boundary-value problems. The solution belongs more to the discipline of applied mathematics and mechanics; using Hamiltonian principle, Lagrangian or Eulerian frame of reference, Navier-stokes equation, diffusion equation, and solving the equations using Green's function or Bessel function theoretically, or by numerical concepts such as finite difference method. An elasto-dynamic solver has been developed in EasySSI to analyse three-dimentional soil-pile/caisson interaction systems subjected to lateral load, axial load, and bending moment at pile/caisson head.

Intended Audience

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    EasySSI intends to (1) present some computational tools applicable in the field of geotechnical engineering and geotechnical earthquake engineering, and (2) review the present state of knowledge in the soil-structure interaction and soil mechanics and place it side-by-side with the related disciplines.

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    EasySSI is intended for soil scientists, scholars of geotechnical engineering and engineering mechanics, as well as for geotechnical design communities and graduate students familiar with the fundamentals of soil mechanics. By presenting the section called Exercises: it is also conceived as an undergraduate e-book, and is by means intended to present practical applications and new technologies of soil-structure engineering.

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    EasySSI will allow practitioners to develop their own armoury of techniques for problems of interest, whether arising from structural-induced vibrations or from seismic events.

EasySSI's message

We'd love to share our expertise with you. From computational developments, news, international events, short review on state-of-the-art topics, short lessons and practices, we gather a variety of resources to help inspire you and make you prepared for the next level even more effective and efficient.
"This project has been developed by Dr Masoud Shadlou in November 2016 and stopped further developments since May 2018."